Monday, July 26, 2010

Would a Guy Do Anal on a Girl?

Here's an interesting topic I heard on the radio show this morning. Would a straight guy do anal on a girl?

Back when I was young and used to watch all my father's porn VHS (yes, VHS. no DVDs yet), I didn't see any male pornstars do anything on a girl's behind. They don't lick it, touch it or even look at it. But now, most pornos I watch either put their fingers on it, suck the anal hole dry or drill it. What happened?

One listener call the show and ask if he and his girlfriend should try it because they always see the act when they're watching porn. The girl doesn't seems too much to care, but the guy somewhat hesitant because its a glorious act for the gays to do such. He's scared that it might tarnish his manhood. But the DJ says its the 'in' thing so its gonna be there forever.

Now, what is your stand in this issue? Do you mind making your way out of the usual and experience the 3rd hole of a woman? Answer.

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