Friday, July 30, 2010


We tried this new Italian resto Ravioli at SM Mall of Asia. The food was alright, ambience is fine. I love the couch and their lighting. Ren was pissed cause they didn't serve soup. Price? Normal.

I would not recommend the place much 'cause their menu is not plausible. I was actually looking for more food choices but sad to say they weren't a lot to choose from.





Chicken is not spicy enough. Taste like Kikiam I swear!

What's Ravioli? This is.


I don't know if we'll be back here again. Ren said he will definitely come back only when they started serving soup.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Clear!

So yesterday before we head to Pet Express and have Julia checked up, my mom and I dropped by at the hospital again to know if I can have my medical clearance ready. We waited for about 30 minutes. The doctor came just a few minutes before 5. Chat a little and then she checked my x-rays. There! She confirmed that I am free from the disease! I no longer have Tuberculosis and is now fit to work!

Thats good news to me. I thank God for not letting me panic and stay focus. Now all I have to do is just wait for my last interview next week and maybe I could start working right after then. I miss working in the corporate world.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Would a Guy Do Anal on a Girl?

Here's an interesting topic I heard on the radio show this morning. Would a straight guy do anal on a girl?

Back when I was young and used to watch all my father's porn VHS (yes, VHS. no DVDs yet), I didn't see any male pornstars do anything on a girl's behind. They don't lick it, touch it or even look at it. But now, most pornos I watch either put their fingers on it, suck the anal hole dry or drill it. What happened?

One listener call the show and ask if he and his girlfriend should try it because they always see the act when they're watching porn. The girl doesn't seems too much to care, but the guy somewhat hesitant because its a glorious act for the gays to do such. He's scared that it might tarnish his manhood. But the DJ says its the 'in' thing so its gonna be there forever.

Now, what is your stand in this issue? Do you mind making your way out of the usual and experience the 3rd hole of a woman? Answer.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Before I finally go back to work for the corporate world, I had an early check up to see if there will still be a TB findings on my chest x-rays. I had the disease when I was still working as a researcher for ABS-CBN and it might be caused by the need to go to different places to get stories - sometimes in the slums.

I took the prescribed meds for 3 months and didn't continue the supposed-to-be 6 months treatment because it gave me headaches so now, I am really worried that they may still find the disease alive and kicking. I need all the prayers I can get.

Be back at the hospital tomorrow. I am scared.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Spooked-Face Contest!

We were battling with the 3 day brown-out caused by the storm so we just made the most out of it and had a contest of who has the spookiest face of all. Check out the entries!

Constantine the love bear

The quiapoboi

The elephant on a diet

But the winner is... SAMBA! the wonder bitch (female dog) LOL

After the Storm

It was 2 weeks ago when a great storm Basyang hit the Philippines. PAG-ASA miscalculated its direction so people were unprepared. The storm brought massive winds with scary howling sounds. At midnight everyone was tweeting about how scary it is. I for once was scared to go out of the room because the sounds is so unnatural, it gave me goosebumps.

At 2 in the morning, trees were swaying, doors in the house were banging and lights were off. All are wide awake praying that everything will be alright the morning after.

But its not.

Renan and I braved the murky water

We had Mcdonald's on the side of the street, look what happened.


When we reached EDSA, the huge road sign was bent

Streets were filled with leaves and garbages. Street sweepers should get the highest salary here in the Philippines. Kawawa naman sila.

And MOA has seen better days because we never knew this mall could get destroyed like this. You can see the damage from afar.



Do you know where these huge metals came from?

Up there! Scary diba?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diz Iz It! Ruther Iz It!

I don't know for what reason, but one day I change the channel to GMA7 and noticed that Diz Iz It had already change its format and is now focusing on the singing type of competition. They also include Ate Glow and another witty gay guy as judges that makes the show all the more entertaining.

The singing competition has different theme everyday and contestant must choose a song depending on which theme is given to them that particular day. This time - it's BROADWAY! The contestants were good and not jeje so I did pay attention to the show. But this one kid named Ruther Robosa makes my hair stand on end. He sang 'Maria' from West Side Story and did an impressive job. He's maybe the next Charice. Check the video!

I have a crush on this boy! So Pinoy! Pedo much? LOL.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where Have All The Waters Gone?

Here we are situated in a place surrounded by water and the fact that we've just been hit by a strong storm, is now experiencing water shortage? How ironic could this get? Its starting to get really hopeless.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Froyo Anyone?

People have been minding their weight nowadays so they either go vegetarian, eat low-cal foods or eat nothing at all. Others try frozen yogurts or 'froyo' as you would simply call it. Renan and I always eat frozen yogurt. But not to compensate with the natural food we eat but as something we would have if we're hungry or want something for desserts.


We tried Golden Spoon this time. Same with other existing yogurt places, you have the whole upper hand of how you want your yogurt to taste like. First you choose the base yogurt: they have vanilla, strawberries etc. then you choose what toppings you want with it. Say chocolates, berries or nuts. Its all you.



And true enough, it does taste like ice cream! I would have this again next time.

For more information: Log on to


After the rigorous but fun bike ride we had at Nuvali, Renan and I both became so hungry and decided to eat an early dinner at Conti's who is famous for its mouth-watering desserts!



Renan ordered the Cheezee Veggie Soup P80.00 for starter


While I order the Shrimp Croquettes P145.00.
For our main entree, Renan refused to eat anything heavy.


But I tried this 2pcs Grilled Pork Chops P250.00.

For our much-awaited dessert, we try something else rather than the usual Mango Bravo. This time we ordered the NY Cheesecake! P80.00



This is the best tasting cheesecake I've ever had in my life! Its so creammmyyy and it doesn't have this sour aftertaste I always get whenever I would have one.

What I also appreciate about this place aside from having 'NO SERVICE CHARGE' is that they have a great set of utensils which means that they really put an effort to serve their customers best.


I tell you these are heavy! I am shaking the whole time I'm using these 'cause my arms are sore from the bike ride.

For more information: Log on to

Size? Does It Really Matters?

I grew up with a healthy lifestyle. Back when I was in high school, I joined different sports organization. I became a Track & Field player and was a co-captain for the school's volleyball varsity team. I used to have a fit body but people back then told me that the 'fit' look doesn't really suit me well. I have chicken legs and my upper body is not proportioned to the lower portion of my body. I try to gain a little weight but doesn't stop since. Now, I am officially on the bigger side of the community.

I find it really stressful to lose weight cause I can't seem to see any changes. I sweat and pound myself to achieve a good figure but from the way I see it, its far from happening. And I am starting to lose my drive. I joined a gym last year and has been going there ever since. I also hired a personal trainer which gives me about 10 sessions of working out but the change isn't really exceptional.

What worries me now is that in this time where people tend to go slimmer and sexier by the hour, here I am typing my sorrows away on the gym's computer instead of using the treadmill. Is it really hopeless? Or should I just ponder to myself that size doesn't really matter?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nuvali, Laguna

As I was in the middle of editing the video for Dean & Trent, I became so uneasy I wanted to get out of the house. I ask Ren if we could spend the day off to a place far so I could relax and get more inspiration for the video I'm making. So after a quick sex, off we go to the south.


Nuvali is a 1,840 hectares property with buildings, residential houses and a good-looking park where you can pretty much do all the recreational stuffs you can rarely do here in Manila. One of which is feeding tons of colorful fishes - I think they're either koi, carps and the likes.


See that water? I'm not kidding. They have gazillions of fishes out there.


Check out Renan enjoying his feeding moments.


P20.00 for the fish feeds. Make these hungry water swimmers happy.


I know I did so I felt good. But my arms are sore from throwing out those feeds. So after we do that, we tried the boat taxi so we could enjoy the view and rest at the same time.



I enjoyed going thru the tunnel!


And I was awed by this great structure. I forgot to ask if its a school or a museum tho.


We paid P180.00 for the boat ride cause we rent the whole thing for ourselves.

We got so relaxed and energized after the ride that we decided to rent some bikes too. Ren looks so good on a cruiser doesn't he?


And I look haggard! Bike rentals is P60.00 per hour.


It was a tiring day but we had so much fun. Nothing could compare to having a great time with someone special.

HOW TO GET THERE : Take SLEX then exit to Sta. Rosa. Turn right on the corner and continue the long road until you see the Nuvali sign on the right.
BUDGET: P300.00 per person

Dean & Trent Fall Collection Behind the Scene video

So this keeps me busy last weekend. I was supposed to finish it by Saturday but the lakwachero in me kicks in so Ren and I went out and return back home at 3 in the morning. I will tell what happened thru my next post.

After we came home, I continue editing while I was still buzzing from the alcohol I drank that night. But the good thing is, I was able to finish the whole video without rushing it cause I was in the mood for some creativity. I hope you like it as much as we do. Here's the final behind the scene video for Dean & Trent's Fall Collection.

Blogger doesn't really do much justice on the video quality so check this out instead for a much clearer version click here.

And visit their website too to see the catalog of clothes they carry.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

About Me / My Very First Post

Damn, can't believe I'm doing my very first post here on Blogger. It feels like I'm on a new chapter of my life and its awesome! I'm really bad with introduction so I don't know what to write here. But okay, I'm gonna start it off with a few questions people always ask me. Maybe from there you can get to know me a lil bit better alright? Here goes.

Why Quiapoboi?
Its a simple question and I 'm pretty sure everyone have an idea why. You just wanna make sure. I was born and raised in Quiapo. I lived there all my life. Wiki or Google about it if you haven't heard about the place.

What's in Quiapo?
The 'P's: Porn, Pickpockets, Piracy, Pamparegla (Abortion Herbal Medicines)

What's your nationality?
I'm Asian/Filipino! I love rice!

Are you gay?
Now why would you say that? Well the answer is yes. Been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now.

What's your interest?
Travel, food, fashion and gadgets!

What's your goal in life?
I wanna be filthy rich someday. But aside from that, I wanna travel the world with my special someone and eat different kind of dishes!

I'm running out of questions so I guess thats about it for now. If you got any questions for me just type whatever you please on the comment button if its there already cause I'm still learning the knick and knacks of this thing so kindly bear with me.