Saturday, July 10, 2010

About Me / My Very First Post

Damn, can't believe I'm doing my very first post here on Blogger. It feels like I'm on a new chapter of my life and its awesome! I'm really bad with introduction so I don't know what to write here. But okay, I'm gonna start it off with a few questions people always ask me. Maybe from there you can get to know me a lil bit better alright? Here goes.

Why Quiapoboi?
Its a simple question and I 'm pretty sure everyone have an idea why. You just wanna make sure. I was born and raised in Quiapo. I lived there all my life. Wiki or Google about it if you haven't heard about the place.

What's in Quiapo?
The 'P's: Porn, Pickpockets, Piracy, Pamparegla (Abortion Herbal Medicines)

What's your nationality?
I'm Asian/Filipino! I love rice!

Are you gay?
Now why would you say that? Well the answer is yes. Been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now.

What's your interest?
Travel, food, fashion and gadgets!

What's your goal in life?
I wanna be filthy rich someday. But aside from that, I wanna travel the world with my special someone and eat different kind of dishes!

I'm running out of questions so I guess thats about it for now. If you got any questions for me just type whatever you please on the comment button if its there already cause I'm still learning the knick and knacks of this thing so kindly bear with me.

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