Monday, July 19, 2010

Size? Does It Really Matters?

I grew up with a healthy lifestyle. Back when I was in high school, I joined different sports organization. I became a Track & Field player and was a co-captain for the school's volleyball varsity team. I used to have a fit body but people back then told me that the 'fit' look doesn't really suit me well. I have chicken legs and my upper body is not proportioned to the lower portion of my body. I try to gain a little weight but doesn't stop since. Now, I am officially on the bigger side of the community.

I find it really stressful to lose weight cause I can't seem to see any changes. I sweat and pound myself to achieve a good figure but from the way I see it, its far from happening. And I am starting to lose my drive. I joined a gym last year and has been going there ever since. I also hired a personal trainer which gives me about 10 sessions of working out but the change isn't really exceptional.

What worries me now is that in this time where people tend to go slimmer and sexier by the hour, here I am typing my sorrows away on the gym's computer instead of using the treadmill. Is it really hopeless? Or should I just ponder to myself that size doesn't really matter?


  1. No you are getting thin! I on the other hand will be the first Pinoy sumo wrestler! LOL