Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ride the Jeep and NOTICE this?

I rarely ride the jeepney. Not that I'm pasosyal, it's just that I think they're unnecessary. First, there are ton of them on the street that causes horrendous traffic; they are maneuvered by drivers who don't usually follow the traffic rules; and they are a hot spot for theft and robberies. If they would be abolished then maybe the government will take actions on the other means of transportation like the buses, train system and taxis. Other countries don't have them and they're doing alright.

2 days ago, I am in a place wherein a taxi or a bus rarely pass by. An old sweet lady told me that I need to ride a jeepney in order to get to the main road just so I could hail a cab. Well I did and thank heavens because 2 policemen got in also. That make the ride all the more safe (I think). I sit at the far end and notice this:


The far end is now a place for the handicapped. It's a simple gesture but I'm sure it'll help our fellowmen with disabilities alot. Whoever think of this idea is a genius. Now, to those who ride the jeepney, respect the new rule alright? If you are not handicapped, scoot over to the middle or anywhere aside from this spot. Thanks.

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