Monday, August 2, 2010


Back when I was in college, I always thought that attending Spanish classes is dope. Being able to learn the language of the telenovelas (no koreanovelas yet!) really fascinates me. What made the class all the more interesting is that we had this fat, jollibee-lookalike prof who don't know squat about the Filipino language. He can't really tell whether we say bad things against him cause he only knows Spanish and a few English. I don't even know how I passed that subject.

Anyhoo, he taught us this upbeat, jamaican-rhythmic song so we could be more familiarize with the language and its sort of a practice for us too. But now that I've research about it, I found out that the song is actually about people liking Marijuana! Damn! And boy do I realized that we have the coolest professor in college! Haha. Check out the track and the video.

I like it. Me gusta Marijuana!

1 comment:

  1. WOAH.

    i barely know how ive passed too.

    pero yes, i remember so well what that song is. wahahaha.

    thanks for making me remember a good memory.

    this is camille btw~